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Brett Favre and the NY Jets

What does Brett Favre have left to prove?  Here is one of the NFL's greatest quarterbacks who had a great 2007 season to end his career,  currently holds 11 NFL Records, and has won a Super Bowl.  He announced his retirement saying his body could not handle another season and that he was finished playing football professionally.  Then all of a sudden before training camp starts in Green Bay, he decides he does not want to retire saying he is able to go another season and holding a grudge against the Packers after they announced they were going forward with Aaron Rodgers as the starting QB was totally stupid on his part.  The Packers welcomed him back to be the backup QB, but his ego and pride got in the way and caused distractions in the Packers locker room.  What's worse is he get traded to the Jets where the NY Media and reporters are the most ruthless people around.  Favre is now playing in a place where he will get scrutinized if  the Jets start losing games.  This would have never in a million years happened in Green Bay where the Packers Organization and fans treated him like royalty. 

Why come out of retirement thinking he can still do it with another team in which he would need to get to know the coaching staff who have a different philosophy for winning than Green Bay, get to know the Jets players, gain their trust, and learn a new offense.  And he will turn 39 this October; obviously past his prime.  There is excitement and expectations for the Jets to make a run to dethrone the Patriots in the AFC East and win the division, but the truth is the Jets do not have the talent that the Packers do (Favre will find that out quickly) and with teams like the Bills within the division improved, the Jets will have a hard time not only staying in contention in the division, but probably will not make the playoffs.  The reality probably set in when the Patriots with a backup QB starting beat the Jets in the Meadowlands.  It will only be a matter of time on how patient the Jets fans will be if the team goes on a losing streak calling for Kellen Clemens to be the starting QB. 

Bottom line is:  Why would someone come back to play another season for another team with nothing left to prove?  Only Brett Favre knows that.

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Posted on: January 17, 2008 1:59 pm

CBS dropped my Rating and Value

What gives?  Yesterday my rating was a 97 and today it is 96.  Also the Value I had was 60 now today it is 54.  I got no warnings or black marks against me.  What's the deal with this CBS?  I haven't posted anything illegal and all of the stuff that I posted on the most part has received 5 stars from the other CBS members on board.  CBS, I'd like to know what warranted you guys to do this to me.  Is this part of the "changes" being made to "improve" the Message Board.   

Has anyone else on the Board have had this problem recently or at all?  Please post your comments.  Right now I am one unhappy camper and it this happens again, I will really consider leaving the CBS Message Board.



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Boston Sports Teams of 2007

Any Boston Sports Fan remember 1986?  All 4 of Boston / New England's professional sports teams made their respective Championship Series that year.  Unfortunately, only the Celtics won their World championship.  Bruins lost ugly, Patriots lost uglier, and the Red Sox -- well most everyone knows the story on how the World Series ended that year.  Here we are in 2007 and it looks like Boston could be on its way of duplicating 1986 with much different results.  The Red Sox have won the World Series, the Patriots probably win the Super Bowl, and the Celtics are off to their best start in team history despite the recent 2 game skid and could be a favorite to win the NBA Championship. Hell, even the New England Revolution made the MLS finals and lost again (figures). The Bruins better get their butts in gear and start winning more or this storybook ending might only be a fantasy to us Boston sport fans looking again for ultimate dominance in the professional sports world.

Out for now, Stungunner.  

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